Fruit Cake Toss Day / National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Fruit Cake Toss Day

January 3

In 1995 the first Fruit Cake Toss Day was held in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The yearly event has now spread throughout the world. There are three basic competitions: distance, catching and accuracy. In the distance contest a 2lb fruit cake is heaved and the measurement is from the toss line to where the last piece of fruit cake lands. The catching event involves 3 team members who launch the fruity 1 lb. missal to each other and the team which makes the most catches wins. Finally, the accuracy challenge involves players tossing fruit cakes at targets 75, 125 and 175 feet away and the contestant closest to the targets wins. Of course, lots of other “ideas” for using a fruit cake are dreamt up as the merriment of the day continues.

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

January 3

If you like chocolate and you also like cherries, this day is meant especially for you. If you have a spouse or friends that crave this sweet delight, show them you care with a box full of them.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Mel Gibson – Actor – born in Peekskill, New York

Eli Manning – Pro Football QB – born in New Orleans, Louisiana


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