Giant Panda Day / National Campfire Girls Day

Giant Panda Day

March 16

Giant pandas look cuddly and cute when you search for photos on the internet, but it’s much bigger than you think. An adult panda weighs more than 100 pounds and can be 5 feet long. Pandas are born fur-less, pink, and blind. The iconic black and white color comes after about three weeks. A 100 lb. panda spends as long as 14 hours eating and it can eat 25-80 pounds of bamboo a day. Pandas are usually born in August, because the panda’s mating months are March to May and gestation is 3 to 5 months. Females mainly produce two offspring, but only the stronger one survives in the wild.

National Campfire Girls Day

March 16

Campfire Girls was the first nonsectarian, multicultural organization for girls in America. Its programs emphasize Camp Fire’s programs including small group experiences, after-school programs, camping and environmental education, childcare and service which builds confidence in younger children and provides hands-on, youth driven leadership experiences for older youth. Its informal roots extend back to 1910 and was created as the sister organization to the Boy Scouts of America. The organization changed its name in 1975 to Camp Fire Boys and Girls when membership eligibility was expanded to include boys. In 2001, the name Camp Fire USA was adopted, and in 2012 it became Camp Fire.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

James Madison – Fourth President of U.S. – born in Port Conway, Virginia

Jerry Lewis – Comedian & Actor – born in Newark, New Jersey


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