Happy Hydrating!

Well, it’s that time of year… that Texas heat is kicking in!

Seems like the grass gets crispy everywhere except in the garden where it is a solid, well-watered, lush “lawn” of weeds needing to be pulled! I don’t know about you, but I certainly have my work cut out for me! By the way, that whole stitch in time saying… it’s true. I’m afraid I’ve got nine stitches to deal with in the garden.

Which brings me back to Texas heat! I honestly don’t mind some hard, satisfying, weed-pulling work out in the heat…truly! I loooove having something to show for my day, especially if it benefits my family! But, I KNOW that I have to stay hydrated or I can get wonky in a hurry.

Now, back in the olden days, back in the before-I-knew-better days – I probably would’ve grabbed a neon colored sports drink for electrolytes (I’m avoiding names, but you know the one… and other brands similar). As parents, many of us think we are doing our kids a solid by tossing one of those in their backpack or taking a load of them in a chest to the soccer game. We want to make sure our kiddos are well hydrated out in this heat.

Although we’ve always associated those sports drinks with health and fitness, they’re not as healthy as you may think! If you check out the label, you’ll realize it sounds a lot less natural and healthy than you thought!

You know what I love, love, LOVE about toxin-free living?? The hunt! I love hunting for better alternatives. I love the thrill of finding solutions! The solutions I’ve found to the “How do I keep my family hydrated in the Texas heat” problem have been FABULOUS!

So here are some of the fun alternatives to sports drinks we use in addition to plenty of water (and by the way, my teenage boys thoroughly appreciate each of these options!):

▪️ 100% organic Watermelon juice (Costco)

▪️ Organic Coconut Water (Costco)

▪️ Young Living™️Vitality Drops with electrolytes (Grapefruit/Bergamot or Lavender Lemonade)*

Try blending the coconut water or the watermelon juice (both help replenish electrolytes) with ice for a refreshing slushie!

I fill a stainless water bottle with filtered water and put the YL Vitality Drops in it to keep hydrated at the garden. I also like to put drops in a chilled Pellegrino poolside when the work is complete.

Happy hydrating!


– Karen is a life-loving, sunset-seeking, toxin-free living enthusiast. She’s been married to her camp crush for over 25 years. After years of homeschooling their 2 boys, she now spends her free time gardening, raising chickens and mentoring families on their toxin-free journey. 

*Young Living™️, like Costco, requires a membership to make purchases. A one-time fee of $35 provides a lifetime account (and comes with a bottle of Stress Away). Or you can choose a starter kit, which has significantly discounted products. The Premium Starter Kit includes a lifetime membership, medical grade diffuser and 12 essential oils (over $400 worth of product for $165). This is absolutely my recommendation. The Thieves Starter Kit is also an excellent way to jump start your toxin-free journey. Find a YL distributor to help you set up an account and use their referral link. Or, you are welcome to use mine – Bit.ly/kscott


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