Health Tips For Seniors

There is a very interesting and informative article on the Parent Giving website entitled, 10 Essential Health Tips for Seniors. The subtitle is what really got my attention, From baby boomers to senior boomers: 10 tips to keep you healthy and fit.

Today people are living longer than ever before, and it is predicted that by 2030, there will be 78 million boomers! Dr. Arthur Hayword, a geriatrician says that many boomers have been activists their whole lives, and it is now time to become activists in promoting healthful behaviors and try to remain active and healthy the rest of our lives.

10 Healthy Tips from Dr. Hayword

  1. Quit smoking – If this applies to you, it’s never too late to quit!
  2. Keep active – Do something to keep fit each day. Physical activity helps you stay at a healthy weight, sleep better, and reduces stress among other things.
  3. Eat well – Combined with physical activity, eating nutritious foods in the right amounts can help keep you healthy.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight – Extra weight increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Get to your healthy weight and stay there by eating right and staying active.
  5. Prevent falls – As we age, we become more vulnerable to falls. Help prevent falls in your home by removing loose carpet and throw rugs and by keeping nightlights on in hallways and bathrooms. FYI – People who walk barefoot fall more frequently, so wear your shoes!
  6. Prevent skin cancer – Protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun by using sunscreen and wearing a hat when you are out in the sun.
  7. Get regular dental, hearing and vision checkups – Keep your body in good running order just like you do your car.
  8. Stay up-to-date on immunizations and wellness screenings.
  9. Manage stress – Stress is very detrimental to our well-being, but there are ways to manage it. Exercise, meditation, socializing, laughter and positive thinking are all good ways to de-stress.
  10. Fan the flame – Age is no reason to deny yourself sexual enjoyment. Learn about physical changes that come with aging and learn how to adjust to them.

To read all of Dr. Hayword’s article, click here.

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