Homeschool Or Homework Ready – DIY Workstation

The school year is upon us, and whether you have chosen to send your children back in person, or homeschool, know that you’re making the best decision for your family! Every single one of us has our very own unique set of circumstances, and I hope you have confidence and peace with the decision you have made!

My goal with this article is to give you inspiration and ideas for a budget workstation for your kiddos. 😊 I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to feel inspired or motivated lately, when life just feels so off. It’s also near impossible to find anything in stock!! Take it from me – I’ve had the hardest time bringing several of the spaces I am working on together lately, due to lack of selection and stock. However, don’t fear, I am going to give you several ideas and a variety of places to find these items, so you are able to snag them easily! It’s been a long summer, errr spring? Five months, and the last thing you need or want to do is muster up some brain power to design a cute and functional work station.

Let’s break it down:

First, find a place in your home that is work station friendly, free from distractions and noise. This set up can be temporary, or somewhere more permanent for long term use.

Next, consider the amount of space you need, according to how many children will be using the work station at a time. Also consider what devices they might be using, and their size. As a general rule, I’d allow for at least 28 inches of width,  and 20’ of depth for each child. Based on this information, consider the length of table/desktop you will need. Also consider using both sides of the table, instead of having it anchored against a wall. This uses the work surface more optimally.

Next, consider what the base of your table will be. I have two options below: screw in table legs, or file drawers. Consider your storage needs, as well as the amount of space needed for chairs to slide in under the table.

Next, choose your chairs. Consider the height of the table, and allow at least 8 inches of leg space between the seat height and the clearance under the table. One of the table legs linked below is adjustable in height  – score!

Last, consider fun printables, shelving, pegboards, buckets for art storage, etc. Bring in bright energizing colors if you’d like, to liven up the space. Get your kids excited about the upcoming school year by creating a dedicated and organized space for it.

Best of luck my friends! This school year is sure to be a unique one!

Table tops:

Comes in a variety of colors, including green and wood stain. Starting at just $8.99

Ikea – LINNMON 39″ tabletop

Ikea – LINNMON 59′ table top

Table legs:

Legs, slightly adjustable in height

Adjustable legs

OR get a ready made version with table top and legs here: 39″ and 47″

If you’d like to set the table a top filing drawers, consider the Alex Drawer Unit or the more affordable Helmer unit.


Adde Chair – suited for grades 3+ – $12.50 ea

Pillowfort Industrial chairs – set of 2 $49.99 ea

Windsor Wooden Chairs – Target – $39.99 ea


Utility Cart for Storage – comes in green, white, and black $29.99

Tertial clip on desk lamp – $12.99, adjustable

Large pegboard – comes in a variety of sizes – $16.99

Spice Rack for wall mounting/storage $4.99 ea  – great for bottles of paint and glue

Metal plant pot – for markers, pencils, scissors, etc

Free Home School Printable Wall art – courtesy of Love Filled Life

Alphabet poster printable – just $5 on Etsy

– Whitney is a life-long resident of Ellis County. She is the owner of Remedy Home Design, which offers a variety of services including: assistance with remodels, new home build selections, and single room to full home interior design. Whitney is passionate about helping people love the home they are in, and letting décor and design tell your story. She, her husband Jason, and two sweet kiddos live in Waxahachie.


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