“It Belongs in a Museum”

Indiana Jones. Few hear these two words without some type of visceral feeling arising be it positive, negative, or somewhere in between. But, less can argue their significance. No other character in filmmaking history has so flawlessly combined the charitable efforts of preservation and obligation to antiquity with escapade, thrill, peril and style as Dr. Jones. Even still, there is negligible amount that can argue the nostalgia the mention of Indi invokes so thick in the air that one must wade through it like so many webs, rats, or snakes as our dear professor does on his days off. Nostalgia, there’s nothing quite like it.

Exposure to the legacy that is Indiana Jones is something that cannot be replicated. No matter when or what medium introduced you to our silver screen hero Henry Jones Jr., fans of all ages can come together and enjoy this franchise. Growing up, my introduction to Indi was playing the Lego Indiana Jones games and watching The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Many might wince when hearing that title, but conflict of opinion and discussion is what has made this and any big-name franchise as influential as they are today. This also brings many to try to capture the same charm these movies draw out. What they find, however, is that it is not as easy to create as it may initially seem. Many times, they find themselves inadvertently copying the same characters and emotion these timeless films bring to the big screen.

An idea is all it takes to make a movie like Indiana Jones, but that being said it also has to do with the mind that has that idea. It goes without saying that directors and writers are the bread and butter to any motion picture. They have to take an idea and put it into words that moviegoers can make sense of while sitting with their popcorn and soda. The idea behind Indiana Jones is simple. Two guys mused about an archeologist going on adventures and the adventure was born.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg truly are two of the greatest minds in movie history. Their genius is what has made this franchise a household name and cemented its name in history. To have a saga as timeless as Indiana Jones that keeps you coming back for more confirms how truly special it is. Today films seem to focus on what is socially acceptable, bending something to fit personal views, political views, or even to just get critics’ attention. Movies are meant to tell a story, to captivate an audience, to inspire, and to have that story last a lifetime. Nowadays we are so caught up in day-to-day life and/or media we forget the adventures and stories we grew up with. It is not wrong to keep your inner child alive. That is why Indiana Jones is so special. It teaches you to never give up on what you believe in, and that you are never too old to have an adventure.



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