Italian and Mexican Food Under One Roof

Do you ever get tired of trying to please everyone’s tastes at one restaurant? Shouts of, “I want pizza,” and “No, I want tacos,” can get old very fast. Tomato’s Mexican and Italian Restaurant in Waxahachie can take care of this dilemma without breaking the bank.

The combination of Italian and Tex-Mex seems unlikely, but this restaurant in an old gas station proves that it is possible. My husband and I have trouble venturing off our tried and true favorites, but the number of people with other mouth-watering dishes proves that this is a well-loved institution.

We tend to get the chicken tortilla soup almost every visit. In fact, when the weather is cold and dreary, we look and each other and know that today is a Tomatoes day. Their soup is on the thinner side, but it is full of chicken and veggies. We also love their taco salad, especially when it’s 100 outside! The Tex-Mex side of the menu also features wonderful chicken quesadillas and enchiladas.

We finally decided we needed to try the Italian side of the menu and were so glad we did. Their pizza is outstanding. We have been known to order our Friday night takeout pizza from them now as a change from the standard chain restaurants in town. (You can also order pizza by the slice which is great when you have multiple people to please!) Their lasagna servings are huge and tasty. Ziti Bolognese is also great and, looking at the plates of other diners, seems to be a favorite.

Whether we have Italian or Mexican, I have to end my meal with sopapillas which are excellent!

While Tomato’s isn’t a place to go for a fancy meal, it is great for good food and service. And everyone leaves happy having had his or her favorites!


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