Learning About Texas

It’s always a good time to do a little study about Texas. There are so many interesting things like its storied history and heroes or its natural resources. How about some of the animals who live in Texas such as the longhorn cattle or the horned lizard? And we can’t forget those beautiful bluebonnets and other wildflowers that wow us every spring!

There are many resources to help you and your children do a little research on the Lone Star State.

Texas Beyond History

This site is a service of the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory of the University of Texas. Its purpose is to “interpret and share the results of archeological and historical research on the cultural heritage of Texas.” I know that sounds rather deep, but they have a wonderful website just for kids. It has many interactive choices for children that are both educational and entertaining. It is worth a visit! Click here.

Texas History Facts for Kids

The A to Z Kids Stuff site is also a good one for learning about the major things of Texas like the flag, symbols, famous people and places. What I like most about it is the video. It’s not very long, but it is informative and beautifully done. I think you and your kids will enjoy it! Click here.

Texas Facts and Trivia

One last site for you to check out. This one has the basic Texas facts like the other sites, but it also has a Texas Unit of Study that you can access. This unit has coloring pages, interactive puzzles, word jumbles and thematic book reviews. There is something for everyone! Click here.


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