Leave July 4 fireworks to the professionals

Love fireworks? To stay safe, let a professional light up your Independence Day.

State Fire Marshal Orlando Hernandez advised: “If you want to see great fireworks, go to a professional show. Our office has issued many permits for communities to enjoy Fourth of July shows. So, you should have one nearby.”

Another caution: Your county might be under a burn ban. Most communities don’t allow you to use fireworks within city limits or during burn bans.

Check with your local fire department to see what’s allowed.

“Also, there are no safe fireworks for children,” Hernandez said. “Some sparklers burn at temperatures of nearly 2,000 degrees, as hot as a blow torch.

“Celebrate,” Hernandez said, “and stay safe.”

Want to learn more about fireworks safety? Visit the Texas Department of Insurance’s website at www.tdi.texas.gov.


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