Life Is Good Day / National Southern Food Day

Life Is Good Day

January 22

Life Is Good Day is a time when adults should take time to appreciate their children and grandchildren for the happiness they bring to their lives. We should tell our offspring how proud we are of them and embrace the joy of their youth. There are several special things parents or grandparents can do to make the day special like planting a tree to honor the children, naming a star after them, create a scrapbook or purchase a children’s book and read it to them.

National Southern Food Day

January 22

The folks at Air Culinaire state that “Southern Cuisine is a historical regional cuisine form of states south of the Mason-Dixon Line and extends to Texas. The influences of southern food come from African, English, Scottish, Irish, French and Native American cultures. Many items, like squash, tomatoes and corn (including grits), and the practice of barbecuing, were influenced from the Native American Indian tribes such as the Seminoles, Caddo and Choctaw.  So today enjoy some fried chicken, barbecue, collards greens, black eye peas and all the other famous southern comfort food.”

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Guy Fieri – Food Network Star – born in Upper Columbus, Ohio

Sam Cooke – Singer – born in Clarksdale, Mississippi


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