Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s a beaver?!?!

Texans are familiar with that well-known face—the face of Buc-ee the Beaver as he beckons travelers in for gasoline and more.

Indeed, Buc-ee’s provides the “more.” The all-in-one stations started in Lake Jackson, Texas, in 1982 and quickly evolved into “more.” As a Texas phenomenon that is spreading to other parts of the country, Buc-ee’s give travelers a consistent experience whether they are stopping in St. Augustine, Florida, or Ennis, Texas. The stores give travelers a safe place to stop, get gas, visit clean restrooms, walk around, buy a meal or snack, and shop–all in one huge location. (The New Braunfels location holds the record as the World’s Largest Convenience Store.)

Clean restrooms are, in fact, one of the main attractions of Buc-ee’s. The large, multi-stall restrooms seldom have a waiting line—even for women–and are always clean and well stocked. And when I say multi-stalled, I counted 28 at a recent Buc—ee stop!

Snacks of every shape and size are available —from barbecue to homemade fudge–the options are endless. Many swear by the Beaver Nuggets while I always purchase Buc-ee’s Sweet Jalapeños and beef jerky. (Their prepared foods are good, also, but there is no place to eat in the store so be prepared to take them with you.)

Shopping is another major draw. Travelers’ eyes are pulled between rustic home decor, children’s items and Buc-ee’s paraphernalia. The sales of Buc-ee’s souvenirs must be great judging from the people I see everywhere carrying Buc-ee’s backpacks and wearing Buc-ee’s t-shirts. I have even been in Europe and spotted a woman wearing a Buc-ee’s bikini! Don’t worry. Even if you do not want to wear or decorate with Buc—ee’s logoed items, seasonal items and home decorations can still provide shopping opportunities.

Thankfully, the multiple checkout lines move quickly as travelers exit the store on their way to fill up cars or take that last family selfie with the Beaver to share on Instagram. After all, everyone wants to brag that they know Buc-ee the Beaver personally.


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