Love Your Neighbor – May, 2021


“Honor your father and mother” – Matthew 19:19


Recently I was at the Lakeview Camp near Maypearl doing my regular workout. As I was leaving, a young boy, about 12-13 years of age, was coming up the stairs. I greeted him, “Hi! How ya doing?”

He responded, “Doing fine, how about you?

I was impressed by how cordial he was and also, the manner in which he made eye contact. I happened to look up at a young woman who was watching our encounter from another part of the gym.

I asked her, “Is this your son?” She replied it was.

I took the opportunity to say, “You have done a fine job teaching him manners. He was so polite with his friendly greeting and made great eye contact.”

The mother’s face lit up with my comment. She thanked me. I could see the pride in her face as well as the gratitude that I would make such a compliment.

This young man was obviously taught values with how to interact with others from his parents and it showed. It was a case of, “don’t just talk the walk.” Put it into action by “walking the talk.”

Is that not what “Love Your Neighbor” is all about? In sincere terms, we can talk about how to love our neighbor, but is it not more important to place love into an active mode? How?

We can all be role models by our actions that we exhibit toward others. RESPECT!

  • Listen and be engaged
  • Be thoughtful of others
  • Acknowledge others and don’t forget to say THANK YOU
  • Address mistakes with kindness
  • Respect physical boundaries
  • Live and let live by not seeking revenge


This week I will show respect to: ____________________________________________

By: ____________________________________________________________________

– Terry Miller has over 30 years of banking and training experience with major banking institutions.12+ years as owner/principal of Terry Miller & Associates – a training and development firm. He spent 8 years as director of Pastoral Care with Waxahachie Bible Church. Terry is currently semi-retired. Continuing with self-employment directing Terry Miller & Associates, a consulting firm conducting speaking and training engagements, in addition to authoring and publishing 4 books.


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