Lunch & Coffee In Ennis

Wildflower Cafe & Pop Top Coffee Shop

Following the hostess as we wound our way through the beautifully decorated store, my husband and I reached the Wildflower Café and were immediately seated. The tables each have cute tablecloths and flowers to make the restaurant feel very cozy. Although the restaurant was almost full, we were provided menus and served promptly. My husband had a Reuben sandwich while I had the salad trio of chicken salad, spinach salad, and fruit salad. Both were very good. They also have soups which change daily. On the day we visited they were tomato basil and broccoli cheese. After smelling a bowl of soup that was served to a neighboring table, we wished we had saved room for some. We also wished that we had room for one of the gorgeous pies such as chess, apricot, German chocolate, and buttermilk. (The pie list changes daily so remember to ask.)

We left Wildflower Café with happy stomachs but with just enough room for cappuccinos which we were able to get down the street at Pop Top Coffee Shop. We were greeted warmly and learned a lot while we read all the signs that explain what the coffee drink names mean. The cookies at the counter did finally win, so we took home two oatmeal raisin ones for later. The cappuccinos were an excellent ratio of coffee to milk, something that is hard to find.

We were pleased to see the new Ennis Welcome Center which is going in right across from Wildflower Café and Pop Top Coffee Shop. What a great introduction for newcomers and visitors to tour the Welcome Center and then have a delicious lunch followed by a cup of great coffee.

Have you visited Wildflower Café or Pop Top? What is your favorite item on their menu?

*All photos from Wildflower Cafe’s Facebook page and Pop Top Coffee Shop’s Facebook page.


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