Make Up Your Own Holiday / National Spinach Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday

March 26

There are more than 40,000 special days celebrating anything from aardvarks to zippers.  But March 26th is special. It is a day which is set aside for you to commemorate and rejoice about anything you wish. It’s your day… have fun!

National Spinach Day

March 26

The country with the world’s highest production of spinach is China, which grows around 26 million tons of spinach per year – that’s about 92% of the world’s production. In the U.S. alone, California is the top supplier of spinach accounting for almost 75% of the nation’s production. Spinach originated from ancient Persia and wasn’t introduced in China until the 7th Century. Spinach farmers of the 1930s credited the fame of Popeye the Sailor man for a 33% boost in spinach consumption which was much needed during The Great Depression. The first company to ever advertise frozen spinach was “Birds Eye” in Life magazine in 1949.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Leonard Nimoy – Actor – born in Boston, Massachusetts

Dianna Ross – Singer – born in Detroit, Michigan


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