We’ve all heard about meditation and how it can help with so many things. Who’s wanted to try it out, but, you’re unsure how to get started?

I’m going to walk you through an extremely simple and quick mediation.

First thing in the morning (before you get out of the bed) sit up and take 3-10 minutes. Start by taking a few, full body breaths. Feel your torso expand and imagine breathing into every cell in your body. Next, pick one word that you feel could help carry you throughout your day. You could use words like “peaceful”, “confident”, “kind”. You could even possibly pick a word that you struggle with attaining day to day. Take the next few moments to meditate on that word – ponder what it means to you, how it would feel to emulate the word throughout the day and think about the things that make you feel that way. Next, start your day!

Use your meditation word as your “goal” word throughout the day. Simple, really!

Should things start to get chaotic, look to your “goal” word of the day and ask yourself what you need to do to get to it. Stop and take a few breaths, think back to your morning meditation and implement actions to pull you back out of a reactive state. This simple practice can help you make real moment to moment decisions, to have more of the day you choose to have – no matter the what comes your way.

Giving yourself a choice instead of just reacting to circumstances is really life changing. Give it a try!



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