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Ellis DownHome Reader,

Hello to you, my new friend! I am Maca Ramos, founder of Healthy Mess. My family has lived in Ellis County, Waxahachie to be exact, since the 1940’s so I am born and raised here. I am a Wife to an amazing First Responder Husband, Jeff. Mom to three kiddos, Ellie (10), Elijah (6), Luke (3). I am a Professional Hair Stylist, as well as, a Certified Health Coach.

To say I wear many hats would be an understatement but that’s ALL of us, really. We all have the things we do for a living, hobbies, passions, dreams and goals. For me, I am incredibly passionate about living a LIFESTYLE of wellness and helping others do the same. Encouraging others in all areas of life is something I live for but especially when it comes to helping simplify living a healthy lifestyle.  It doesn’t have to be some arduous thing. Over the last 10 years of working in the Health & Wellness sphere and 15 years of being a Hair Stylist, I’ve noticed many things when it comes to wellness and the behaviors of people. BUT FIRST, I want to share with you more about WHERE I’ve come from and WHY I am as passionate as I am today.

Let’s back up a little bit. 10 years ago, I was a pack a day cigarette smoking, soda drinking, fast food junkie workaholic that didn’t think I could survive without my ADD meds and energy drinks. The epitome of Unhealthy is what I was, and I didn’t really care too much. I was in survival mode at all times as a young mother and newlywed. I began dipping my toe into a healthier lifestyle in 2010 and made changes little by little. My husband was hit with a cancer diagnosis in 2011, and THAT was the catalyst that really opened my eyes to begin researching. I never was a person into “healthy” as a means to lose weight. Today, I know that living a LIFESTYLE of quality is what matters and everything else will fall into place. Back then, I needed to learn how we could heal ourselves from many years of damage. I was medication and cigarette free in 2012 as I learned to heal my body and my brain with food. This has been such an incredible journey for our family. We went on to have two more children after my husband’s bout with cancer and he is healthier today than he ever has been in his life. This probably isn’t a statement all would agree with, but for us, cancer was lifesaving. It woke us up  in ways I’m not sure anything else could have. Now, perhaps you can see why I’ll be talking about health and the lifestyle as a means to help in brain functioning, disease prevention and boosting the immune system. I’ll also share how children’s behavioral benefits come into play as well in another post.

I always want people to come to the table with me and hear where we’ve come from FIRST because I believe that’s what connects us all. I’m not coming to chat about a healthy lifestyle to give you ways to reduce calories or just simply target weight loss…. I want to see you healthy inside and out, mentally and physically. After many years of trying to help people on their wellness journeys, I decided to get certified through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute for health coaching Families, as well as the Pregnancy & Postpartum periods of a woman’s life. It’s such a privilege to get to work with people to help them move at the pace THEY need and to tailor wellness help specifically for them. I like to think of a Health Coach in someone’s life similar to the role of being a Doula in Childbirth, something I’ve also had the honor of doing. Health Coaches, from my perspective, are a perfect fit for walking alongside you to make better choices. I don’t diagnose or treat any illness, but I get to guide you in learning and understanding the basics of what you need (or don’t need) to live your life to the fullest. This is where “HEALTHY MESS” was born. I wanted my brand to be indicative of who I am and what my life looks like. I am not pretentious and I am very transparent about areas I need to constantly grow in. I want to be someone that you feel is WITH YOU on your journey and I am NEVER judgmental of what another person’s life looks like. Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have been too, or you are there right now.

After all the years I have been in this sphere of wellness, I finally decided I wanted to create my own Online Ecourse to help give structure to people wanting to improve their life. I wanted to continue helping people look deeper into WHY they think the way they do about food. We touch base on breaking diet mentalities and old ways of thinking that enable a “deprivation” mentality when it comes to food. I didn’t want my course to be “one size fits all” because YOU are not “one size fits all” and I don’t believe health should ever been seen as such. This course is designed to help you Drop the Pin on where you are, so we can get you where you want to be, then I take you through more videos to understand a way of eating that is NOT deprivation based. I teach basics of this LIFESTYLE and then leave plenty of space for you to utilize it in your own home. There is a full Ebook that goes with it to print and write as needed. An Ingredient Grocery list is included there as well to give a tangible resource to take to the Grocery Store and stock your pantry full of items in order to make meal times simpler. The goal with what I teach is that you can make QUICK, HEALTHY, DELICIOUS meals with whatever you have on hand. This can all be tailored to your budget as well.

I put so much of my heart into my Healthy Mess Lifestyle Ecourse and I would be honored to share more with all of you! Once a person enrolls in the Ecourse, they are able to have community and comment within the Ecourse itself AND I have an Exclusive Facebook Group called, “Healthy Mess Collective” where we have accountability, regular encouragement, more resources and Online Cooking together!

Currently, if you go to, you can sign up for my email list and receive my Ingredient Meal Grocery List FREE right to your inbox! On my Instagram page, we will frequently use this resource to create “From this to that” meals where I show you how I take just a few simple ingredients to throw together and make our family meals. It’s a lot more simple than most of us like to make it.

We are in such a time in history that SIMPLE and resourceful is what we ALL need! I look forward to sharing SO much more here with all of you in the future! Please reach out on Facebook, Instagram (@healthymess_) or Email me with any questions or things you might like to see on here!




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