Middle Child’s Day / World Elephant Day

Middle Child’s Day

August 12

Growing up, middle children learn by watching others. While older and younger siblings were more frequently the focus of their parents’ attention, middle-born children figured things out on their own and gained a strong independent streak. Middle children are often cooperative and understanding, but also concerned with fairness. They also have to share everything with at least one other person from birth. These traits translate into being excellent at negotiating. Back in the ’70s, the most common family unit had four kids or more. Today, nearly two-thirds of women with children only have one or two. As the median family size continues to decrease, middle children will increasingly become a rare breed.

World Elephant Day

August 12

The African elephant is the world’s largest land mammal – with males on average measuring up to 10 feet high and weighing up to 6 tons. Males only reach their full size at 35-40 years – that’s well over half their lifespan as wild elephants can live for up to 60-70 years. And it is not just the adults – even calves are huge! At birth elephants can weigh more than 250 pounds. There are two species of elephant: African and Asian. The ears of African elephants are much larger than their cousins and are described as being shaped like the African continent, whereas the ears of Asian elephants are shaped like the Indian subcontinent. Elephants have around 150,000 muscle units in their trunk. Their trunks are perhaps the most sensitive organ found in any mammal and Asian elephants have been seen to pick up a peanut, shell it, blow the shell out and eat the nut.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Porter Wagoner – Country Music Singer – born in West Plains, Missouri

Buck Owens – Country Music Singer – born in Sherman, Texas


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