Monday Motivation – August 22, 2022

Leaders don’t worry about being popular. I believe our people want to know where we stand and that we will consistently approach every challenge with sound judgment. They want to trust us. So how do we build trust? I support the “Firm, Fair, and Friendly is optional” Approach. Leaders build trust by getting to know their people by building relationships with subordinates and seniors.
Building relationships is essential for young leaders as they are learning both leadership and technical knowledge. By being authentic, enduring the same challenges, and learning from both the experienced veteran and the most junior teammate, they are building relationships built on trust and respect.
Now having a happy hour drink with your people every so often has its place, but your people don’t want to spend much free time with the boss and drinking a beer doesn’t make you “less the boss” or replace the value of challenges shared.
So, take the time to get to know your team a little every day. Be approachable and a resource for their development, and you’ll build a culture of performance.
This week ask your people, “how can I help?” Listen well and then take action to help. It’s what leaders do.
If you need help, set up a call at the link
Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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