Monday Motivation – August 8, 2022


Leaders cooperate and collaborate because that’s how the mission gets done.In battle and other critical situations, a familiar voice is comforting on the other end of the call for assistance. We expect leaders to stand alone in battle and crisis to assess, decide, and act, but leaders know that they leverage the talents of their team through cooperation and collaboration. They learn this by putting away their ego and serving their team, learning to trust and support the units on the flanks, and accepting and performing the missions assigned, even when they are undesirable. Leaders want to be the main effort, but there are many more supporting efforts; some are undesirable. In Iraq, 3d Bn, 11th Marines was assigned as the Division economy of force, performing tasks and missions that would free up maneuver units. Assigned the inglorious and dangerous task of convoy security escort, our Marines performed so well that a contract logistics company moving most of the food in the theater only moved with 3/11 escorting. Then, when our men needed fuel, ammo, or medical evacuation, everyone in the theater took excellent care of them. So, bloom where you’re planted, cooperate and collaborate to make the best of that assignment.

So who can you help this week, and who can help you to make the mission happen? Now call them before you’re in crisis.

If you need help, set up a call at the link

Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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