Monday Motivation – July 18, 2022

Leaders own the mission.

That starts with knowing and being responsible for the job you’re paid to perform. Just because you were hired and maybe even went to school doesn’t mean you know the job. No two organizations are the same, even in the military. You don’t know the job until you stand in those footprints and sit at that desk. As a leader, you have at least two roles, the technical role and the leadership role. You must become proficient in both. So, Make learning part of your daily goals.

Learn and teach something daily, starting with your job description and your organization’s mission statement. Find the leaders to emulate and become their apprentices. If you’re a Marine, learn to fight, your unit, and individually. In business, know what your company does in your industry and your role in its mission.

No two jobs of the same title I ever held were the same, and no two units I served in were the same because every organization is a living organism with its particular dynamics and culture. As leaders, we have to understand and be proficient in our responsibilities. Likewise, understanding our role in our organization makes it possible for us to do what must be done.

So this week, whatever your assignment, take on the responsibility, own it!

Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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