Monday Motivation – June 20, 2022

Leaders can only inspire people if they are competent. That’s the start. I would further say you need to be proficient in both your industry and as a leader. To do so, you must be continually moving forward. That’s why I have two principles that I always speak of together, learn something every day, and teach something every day. While you can be an inspiring personality, you can’t lead if you aren’t proficient in the position you hold in your organization.

So, my preferred method is to start at my desk and with my critical tasks and learn all of the governing rules, standards, and processes that affect me most and then expand outward and upward, learning the jobs of my boss and his boss. This process includes finding the experts in each area and letting them teach me, even if they are my most junior teammate. Then as I gather knowledge, I share what I’ve learned where and with those who can benefit, teaching something daily. This continual exchange of knowledge not only makes you smarter, it makes your people smarter and builds relationships with your people based on trust because they know you are bringing them along on your way to becoming better.

Tell me, what are you doing this week to improve your proficiency?

Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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