Monday Motivation – November 1, 2021


Last month I said LIFE is hard, but life isn’t bad and there are many reasons to be grateful. November is a month for Gratitude and Preparation. There are several days of gratitude to include Veterans Day on the 11th, Thanksgiving Day on the 25th, the Marine Corps Birthday on the 10th, and my favorite is my son’s birthday. Besides nature preparing us for winter, then there is the preparation for the end-of-year taxes and budgets. The Church is preparing us for Christmas, through fasting, almsgiving, and other preparations during Advent or the Nativity Fast and encourages us to be thankful in all things. But there is a difference between thankful and grateful, one is a feeling and the other an action. Being grateful is an action and action creates. There is great power in being grateful, studies show that the attitude of gratitude can change your performance. So, try this month when you wake up to say 3 things, you’re grateful for when you wake up, it really is motivating.


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