Monday Motivation – November 28, 2022

General Eisenhower said, “plans are worthless, but planning is everything,” and an old Prussian General said what we teach to Marines, that “no plan survives first enemy contact.”

I will say it like this, we plan and set goals to guide the direction of our actions because it is in the process that, as individuals and teams, we become knowledgeable of the terrain, resources, challenges, and possibilities we will encounter.

Unwritten goals are dreams, uninformed goals are just hopes, and hope is not a course of action. So that is where we are at the end of November, researching and preparing our goals and plans for next year.

Two weeks ago, I spoke about the AAR, an after-action review of this year’s goals. Now we have the lessons that support our success or failure, and we know something must change. If our values and vision are valid, we can move forward to drafting our goals by considering the actions we can take. Remember those four categories? We can start doing something, do more of something, do less of something, or stop doing something.

Armed with your lessons from this year, boldly draft your goals. The information from your AAR likely highlighted some new areas to address. Once you have a draft, prioritize them. Use the A-B-C-D method, where A is vital, something you must do. B is important, something you should do. C is of-value, something nice to do, and last, D is not necessary to do.
Evaluate all these priorities against your mission and purpose. With a draft set of prioritized goals, you can identify intermediate objectives that, when linked together, become your strategy and identify the resources, coordination, and processes necessary to achieve your goals.

If you’re making an organizational plan, include the leaders and experts from the various areas of your organization. Including key leaders improves the organization’s outcome, understanding, and buy-in. Don’t try to do this in your weekly meeting. The seriousness of this effort requires focused sessions or off-site meetings.

This whole process is likely to take more than one day. So get started.
If you need help, set up a call at the link

Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™



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