Monday Motivation – October 24, 2022

Leaders have vision.
Kouzes and Posner say leaders “must know where they’re going if they expect others to join them on the journey willingly. They have to have a point of view about the future envisioned for their organizations, and they need to be able to connect that point of view to the hopes and dreams of their constituents.” While people expect their leaders to have a vision for the future, the most compelling vision is a shared vision. Whether that is a vision statement, mission, purpose, or goal, leaders who can articulate a clear vision to their people that includes a better end state can generate increased productivity and improved performance. In the business sector, drawing from the organizational core values, leaders in collaboration define what the organization will look like, the mission and purpose, goals for revenue and production, target markets, and more.
Unfortunately, in government and politics, this process isn’t always as precise and often is solely focused on winning an election. The result is frequently a vision against or for a particular policy without providing any rationale or justification. For example, there are elected officials who openly support socialism. Yet socialism has failed everywhere and has been tried with catastrophic results to 170 million people murdered by their governments. Such an unjustified position should always beg the Money Ball question, if something is supposed to make life better, then why isn’t life better where it’s been done?
So, this week investigate what your candidates stand for. What is their vision for your district, state, and the Republic?
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Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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