Monday Motivation – October 31, 2022

Leaders Serve.

Leadership is a commitment to a life of study, action, reflection, and refinement. Leaders serve the organization, the mission, and their people. They do this by doing what must be done and being what the organization needs for its challenges. They must suppress their ego and take the actions necessary to inspire their people to transcend to something greater than themselves. There are many sacrifices, and the rewards are not always treasure and glory. There is a true honor and a true glory; the glory of duty done and honor of integrity of principle.

As we approach the November election, if you haven’t voted early, I hope you have gained some insight on your candidates; Are they people of honor? Are they competent and inspiring? Do they have a vision for your district and our Republic? What have they done? What do they believe? What do they stand for? Finally, will they serve unselfishly, representing you and the values of our Republic to the best of their ability? If you have satisfactory answers to these questions, your candidate may be a leader, and you may have found yourself a Patriot. Now go Vote!

If you need help, set up a call at the link… Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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