Monday Motivation – September 12, 2022

Leaders don’t fake it.

I hate the saying “fake it ’til you make it.”
Whether on the battlefield or in business, changes in the situation or your position bring new leadership challenges, whether promotion, increased competition, or organizational change. How the leader responds will impact the outcome. So instead of trying to fake your way through it:

-Be confident in finding the answer, solving the problem, and accomplishing the mission. Someone believes in you, or you wouldn’t have the job.
-Rely on your training.
-Be logical and reason through.
-Emulate someone who has succeeded in a similar situation. Be the apprentice even when you’ve mastered other levels of leadership.
-Listen more and talk less. Leverage the power of the team around you. Listen to your people and leverage their abilities.
-Make a decision, make a plan, and execute. The Marine take on the 80/20 Rule is that an 80% solution performed violently is better than a 100% solution too late.
-HUSTLE. Your people will follow if they see you energetically moving out on the plan.

You may have seconds or years, so use your time to contemplate possible situations. Don’t forget that leadership is a lifelong endeavor of study, action, reflection, and refinement. In doing the mental reps, you will make better decisions, you won’t be faking, and you will shape your roadmap.

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Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™


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