Monday Motivation – September 19, 2022

Leaders invest in Personal Growth.

If you have followed me for five minutes or read my book, you’ve heard me say leaders learn something every day and that leadership is a lifelong endeavor of study, action, reflection, and refinement. Leaders, parents, and almost everyone tends to reach a point in life where we have arrived, or at least we’re ok, and we stop learning and challenging ourselves. From that point, professional and even personal stagnation quickly follow. We will invest in a 401k, but we won’t invest in ourselves. We will hustle about with our hair on fire but not prioritize our actions. We will complain about our jobs and lack of promotion but never set a goal and do nothing to improve our performance.

– Daily plan, prioritize, and organize your tasks from a list. 10 minutes of planning will save you an hour in execution
– Daily concentrate on your highest value activities. Remember the Pareto Principle 80% of the output results from the first 20% of the effort.
– Daily exercise and good nutrition. Your performance in all areas improves with improved fitness.
– Daily learning and growth. Use that one hour you saved in planning to read or listen to an educational book or podcast, and you can read up to sixty (60) books a year and learn the equivalent of a master’s degree.
– Daily time for the important people in your life. Schedule it, be there.
– Daily time for prayer and reflection. Whether you do it in the morning or evening, take a few minutes to be grateful for your wins and reflect.

These daily investments will improve performance in all areas of your life IF you do them.

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Remember, “all things are possible through prayer and heavy deadlifts.”™



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