National Apple Pie Day / Leprechaun Day

National Apple Pie Day

May 13

The Facts Legend website tells us apple pie was first created in England and is almost a six hundred years old food item. They first used to bake the apple in the crust and then remove the crust. Early English apple pies had no sugar. Sugar cost too much. Sweet fruits, like figs, were added instead. English settlers brought apple pie-making to America. Early American apple pies had a take-off crust. First, the apples were baked in the crust. Then the top crust was lifted off. Sugar and spices were added. The top crust was put back on. Then the pie was served.

Leprechaun Day

May 13

A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore. They are usually depicted as little bearded men, wearing a coat and hat, who partake in mischief. They are solitary creatures who spend their time making and mending shoes and have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If captured by a human, they often grant three wishes in exchange for their freedom. The name leprechaun is derived from the Irish word leipreachán, defined as a pigmy or a sprite. Whether leprechauns are real is not as important as gathering at a pub and downing a few ales in celebration of the Irish.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Stevie Wonder – Singer, Musician & Songwriter – born in Saginaw, Michigan

Joe Louis – Professional Boxer – born in Chambers County, Alabama


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