National Bobble-head Day / National Tempura Day

National Bobble-head Day

January 7

Historians trace the bobble-heads to China where they originated and found their way to Europe in the 1760s. Today they are often seen as promotional items for sports teams (dating back to the 1920s), businesses, and celebrities. The largest bobble-head was more than 15 feet tall of a St. Bernard dog which was the symbol for Applied Underwriters insurance company in Orlando, Florida.

One of two surviving bobble-heads representing the 1961-1962 New York Yankees sold for almost $60,000 in 2015.

National Tempura Day

January 7

In the mid-1500s Portuguese missionaries brought the recipe to Japan where it flourished. For those missionaries, it was customary to give up meat during the season as an act of penance. However, the Japanese saw the technique for what it was: A delicious way to prepare all types of food from fish to mushrooms. Though etymologists are not certain, it is likely the word “tempura” came from the Portuguese “tempero,” which means seasoning.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Nicolas Cage – Actor – born in Long Beach, California

Katie Couric – TV Personality – born in Arlington, Virginia


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