National Bubble Bath Day / National Argyle Day

National Bubble Bath Day

January 8

Bubble baths have many benefits from skin care to aroma therapy. And oh yes, they feel great. The relaxation value can’t be beat. A soak in a bubble bath can leave you with smoother skin. The water softens the skin, which creates an easier surface to exfoliate away any dead skin cells. Bubble baths are an easy way to let your body heal. The rested position in the tub, the relaxed atmosphere that accompanies a bubble bath, and the hot water all work together to help you wind down after a long day. Allowing your muscles to relax stimulates blood flow and lower tensions.

National Argyle Day

January 8

In 17th century Scotland the pattern for kilts and stockings of the Clan Campbell clan was made of diamonds with inter-crossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds. That pattern came to be known as “tartan.” The Campbells lived in the city of Argyll in western Scotland and thus, Argyle clothing generally features the tartan pattern. Honor this great tradition and wear Argyle today!

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Elvis Presley – Singer – born in Tupelo, Mississippi

Stephen Hawking – Physicist – born in Oxford, England


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