National Caregivers Day / National Biscuits And Gravy Day

National Caregivers Day

February 21

This day, celebrated on the third Friday of February every year, is to recognize caregivers who provide various essential services, including medical support and personal care. A caregiver’s day can be long and demanding, requiring dedication and compassion. Take time today to give a special token of your appreciation or a heartfelt thank you to those dedicated to providing special care for your loved ones.

National Biscuits and Gravy Day

February 21

The Farmers’ Almanac says, “Biscuits and gravy have been around as long as this country. Born of necessity and frugality, the dish seems to have become commonplace during the Revolutionary War. Biscuits and gravy answered the need for a hearty, high-calorie breakfast for people who worked hard, but didn’t have much money on hand.  Gravy was made by adding milk or water to what was left in the pan after cooking meat as a way to stretch the meal, while biscuits could be made from a variety of ingredients that might be on hand.”

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Kelsey Grammer – Actor – born in Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Actress – Waco, Texas


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