National Cotton Candy Day / Marshmallow Peeps Day

National Cotton Candy Day

December 7

Believe it or not, the inventor of Cotton Candy in 1897 was a Nashville dentist along with a confectioner who created the spinning machine which melted crystallized sugar and blew it through a straining device. It was originally called fairy floss and was introduced to the general public at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. It is known by other names throughout the world such as Daddy’s Beard in France and the Dragon’s Beard in China.

Marshmallow Peeps Day

December 7

Although Peeps are usually associated with Easter, their special day is in December. They were created in the 1920’s. Just Born, the Bethlehem, PA company which makes Peeps can produce 3,800 of them per minute during its peak season. Each Easter season it is estimated 700 million Peeps will be eaten. Each one has about 32 calories and are fat free.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Ted Knight – Actor – born in Plymouth, Connecticut

Larry Bird – Basketball Player – born in West Baden Springs, Indiana


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