National Crayon Day / National Prom Day

National Crayon Day

March 31

Crayola, the leading brand of crayons in the world, started making crayons in 1903. Crayola has made over 133 different colored crayons, some retired, and many special edition crayons. The first box of crayons sold for 5¢ and contained eight colors: red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, black and brown. A Yale University study found that crayons ranked 18 among 80 recognizable scents to American adults. Wonder what you’re smelling? The odor is a result of stearic acid — a derivative of beef fat — added to the batch to give the coloring tool it’s waxy consistency.

National Prom Day

March 31

National Prom Day not only is a time to celebrate fun and friendships, but also a time to commit to avoiding alcohol and doing things which endanger you or others. Prom is shortened from “promenade”, a slow introductory walk that debutantes did at their first ball. Back in the 19th century, college students had their first formal event where they were introduced to polite society, and these events were only reserved for the most elite. As the economy got better in the 1900s, these elite-only events quickly found their way (and popularity) to high schools.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Johann Sebastian Bach – Composer – born in Saxe-Eisenach, Germany

Al Gore – U.S. Vice President – born in Washington, D.C.


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