National Deep Dish Pizza Day / Geology Day

National Deep Dish Pizza Day

April 5

If you live in the United States, it’s statistically likely you’ll eat around 6000 slices of pizza over the course of your life. The word pizza dates back over a thousand years; it was first mentioned in a Latin text written in southern Italy in 997 CE. The first pizza place in America was Lombardi’s in New York City. Originally opened as a grocery store, Lombardi’s started selling pizza in 1905. The first-known Chicago deep dish pizzas were created in 1943 by the restaurant that later became the Pizzeria Uno chain.

Geology Day

April 5

This day celebrates the science of Geology and the professionals working in that field.  Geology is not only the study of rocks, but also the study of how they change. Geologists place rocks into three different categories: sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks, and metamorphic rocks. Sedimentary rocks are made when different fragments or segments from other rock types get compacted together. Igneous rocks are formed when magma cools and hardens. Metamorphic rocks form when other rock types melt and harden again.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Booker T. Washington – Educator – born into slavery in Virginia

Colin Powell – Statesman & General – born in New York City, New York


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