National Eggo Day / International Sloth Day

National Eggo Day

October 20

MeTV reports when Eggo waffles first popped up on the market, the year was 1953. It was invented by three brothers, Anthony, Sam and Frank Dorsa, who’d previously been known for their mayo business that took off in the 1930s. When Eggos first appeared on shelves, they had a totally different name. Even though the packaging said “Froffles” – a combination of “frozen” and “waffles” – customers started calling them Eggos, because of the egg flavor that apparently stuck out more to them. Before they sold their brand to the Kellogg Company, the Dorsas made other products under the Eggo umbrella, including their own mayonnaise and potato chips. “L’eggo My Eggo” is a slogan developed by Leo Burnett ad agency in 1972, after Kellogg acquired the brand. It’s since become one of the most-repeated taglines for any food product, so popular in fact that Eggo recently took it out of retirement.

International Sloth Day

October 20

There are two types of sloth, the two-toed sloth and the three-toed sloth. All sloths actually have three toes, but the two-toed sloth has only two fingers. Sloths are part of the order Pilosa so they are related to anteaters and armadillos. Sloths are tree-dwelling animals, found in the jungles of Central and South America. They mainly eat the tree buds, new shoots, fruit, and leaves, of the Cecropia tree. Some two-toed sloths also eat insects, small reptiles, and birds. Sloths have a four-part stomach that very slowly digests the tough leaves they eat; it can sometimes take up to a month for them to digest a meal. Digesting this diet means a sloth has little energy left to move around making it one of the slowest moving animals in the world. Sloths can move in trees at the slow pace of about 10 feet per minute. The slow-movement and unique thick fur of the sloth make it a great habitat for other creatures such as moths, beetles, cockroaches, fungi, and algae. In fact, the green colored algae provide a camouflage so sloths can avoid predators.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Snoop Dogg – Rapper & Actor – born in Long Beach, California

Mickey Mantle – Hall of Fame Baseball Player – born in Spavinaw, Oklahoma


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