National Hamburger Day / Whooping Crane Day

National Hamburger Day

May 28

Hamburgers got their name from Hamburg, Germany where a cut of beef called the “Hamburg Steak” is from. This evolved into what we now know as the hamburger. In 1921, Walter A. Anderson (a short order cook) and E.W. Ingram (an insurance exec) founded White Castle, the U.S.’s oldest burger chain, in Wichita, Kansas. Their first burger sold for a nickel. Americans consume 13 billion hamburgers a year, enough to circle the earth 32 times. Black Bear Resort Casino, located in Minnesota, holds the world record for the biggest burger. It weighed in at 2,014 pounds and was 10 ft in diameter.

Whooping Crane Day

May 28

Whooping Cranes are the tallest flying North American bird. Whoopers today only nest in Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada and then migrate to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. The journey is 1200 miles and trip is slow and often delayed by adverse weather and can take from 40-90 days to complete. However, once the cranes make the trip they are able to return unguided the following breeding season and the trip only takes 7-10 days. At one time, the Whooping Crane population was down to just a few birds left in the world. But through ardent conservation practices the total flock is more than 400 today.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Rudy Giuliani– 107 Mayor of NYC – born in New York City, New York

Jim Thorpe – Olympic Gold Medalist – born near Prague, Oklahoma


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