National Ice Cream Day / National Daiquiri Day

National Ice Cream Day

July 19

Stanpac, a dairy supply company, states some interesting facts about ice cream on their website. Some historians credit Marco Polo with being the first one to bring some type of ice cream to Europe. He had learned it from the Chinese, who had flavored snow with rice and milk to make a creamy dessert. In 1904, an ice cream vendor ran out of cones. He was at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, and he was facing high demand from guests. Desperate for a solution, he turned to a waffle vendor nearby. Together, they came up with the idea to mold the waffles into cones and serve the ice cream in there. Customers loved the idea, and the waffle cone was officially born. The United States leads the world in ice cream consumption, average 7 gallons of ice cream per person consumed per year.

National Daiquiri Day

July 19

The Daiquiri cocktail, made of rum, lime juice and sugar, takes its name from the village and iron mines of Daiquiri near Santiago, Cuba, where the cocktail originated around 1900. It was named either by American engineers working there, or by the U.S. troops who arrived there in 1898. What defined the Daiquiri was the use of Carta Blanca Rum (Cuban aged and filtered) which was new at the time of the drink’s inception.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Jon Jones – UFC Fighter – born in Rochester, New York

George McGovern – 1972 Presidential Candidate – born in Avon, South Dakota


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