National Milk Day / National Hot Toddy Day

National Milk Day

January 11

Today, a person can milk 100 cows in an hour with modern machines. It used to take a person 1 hour to milk 6 cows by hand. It takes 10 pounds of milk to make a pound of cheese, 21 pounds of milk to make a pound of butter, and 12 pounds of milk to make a single gallon of ice cream. Dairy cows provide over 90% of the entire planet’s milk supply. People were herding cattle and drinking milk before they began engaging in agriculture over 10,000 years ago. California is the top state in the United States for milk production and accounts for 1/5 of the U.S. milk production. 28 U.S. states have an official state beverage. 21 of those 28 chose milk. Alabama chose whiskey.

National Hot Toddy Day

January 11

According to, “A Hot Toddy is typically made with the alcohol of your choice (most often whiskey, rum or brandy, but you can experiment with others). A Hot Toddy also includes honey, lemon and hot water.” It appears that the Hot Toddy began in Scotland, yet another reason to love the U.K., around the 18th century.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Alexander Hamilton – American statesman – born in Charlestown, St. Kitts

Naomi Judd – Singer & Songwriter – born in Ashland, Kentucky


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