National Nachos Day / Meet The Press Premieres

National Nachos Day

November 6

Nachos were created in 1943 by the maître d of a restaurant in Piedra Negras, Mexico (whose name was Nacho) when a group of wives of American servicemen descended on his restaurant and his chef was gone. He threw together what he could in the kitchen, tortillas he cut in triangles and covered them with cheese and peppers. The women brought the idea back across the Rio Grande and shared it with friends. It is estimated that more than 8 million pounds of tortilla chips were eaten watching last year’s Super Bowl.

Meet the Press Premieres

November 6, 1947

Meet the Press is the longest running television program in history. It first was broadcast on radio beginning in 1945. The weekly show has had 12 moderators during its 72 years of airing. The show expanded to one hour in 1992. Its first guest was James Farley the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. It has televised more than 3600 episodes

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Sally Field – Actress – born in Pasadena, California

Maria Shriver – Broadcaster – Chicago, Illinois


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