National Origami Day / National Ice Cream Sundae Day

National Origami Day

November 11

Origami, the art of folding paper into decorative pieces (from Japanese words ori meaning folding and kami meaning paper) emerged in the 6th century. In the strictest theory of the art form, the practitioners take a flat piece of paper and are discouraged from using cuts, drawn lines or glue in creating their artwork. There are many sites on the Internet to download free designs.

National Ice Cream Sundae Day

November 11

Two Cities, Wisconsin lays claim to be the birthplace of ice cream sundaes where it was first served when the owner of Berne’s Soda Fountain drizzled some chocolate syrup over vanilla ice cream in 1881. Since it was only served on Sundays it was named for that day, however it was changed to the word “sundae” when religious groups protested using the Sabbath to describe a  ice cream concoction.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Leonardo DiCaprio – Actor – born in Los Angeles, California

George Patton – General – born in San Gabriel, California


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