National Prime Rib Day / Morse Code Day

National Prime Rib Day

April 27

According to the Business Insider website prime rib is technically a roast, not a steak. That is, unless you slice the ribs into steaks before cooking, in which case it becomes a rib eye steak. To buy prime rib from the butcher, ask for the dry-aged prime rib and specify that you want the meat to be “prime” (not “choice”) and have a lot of marbling. The more marbling, the more flavorful it will be. A full prime rib is cut from the 6th through 12th ribs of the cow, so seven ribs in total.

Also, ask the butcher to leave the fat cap on the prime rib. It’s a layer of fat on top of the meat that protects it while cooking and adds tremendous flavor. Cook your prime rib on the bones without the meat touching the pan. Keep the preparation simple with salt and pepper on the outside and roast it slow and evenly at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Let it sit for 20 minutes to retain its juices.

Morse Code Day

April 27

Samuel Morse was inspired to explore a means of rapid long-distance communication after suffering a personal tragedy in 1825. While at Washington DC, Morse had received a letter from his father about his ailing wife’s sudden death. By the time he reached his hometown of New Haven she was already buried. He therefore resolved to devote himself to find a means of immediate communication after this incident. Morse code is a type of code that is used to send telegraphic information using rhythm. Morse code uses dots and dashes to show the alphabet letters, numbers, punctuation and special characters of a given message. When messages are sent by Morse code, dots are short beeps or clicks or flashes, and dashes are longer ones.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Lizzo – Singer & Songwriter – born in Detroit, Michigan

Ulysses S. Grant – 18th President of the U.S. – born in Point Pleasant, N.J.


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