National Sardines Day / International Day Of The Bible

National Sardines Day

November 24th

Related to the herring family, the term sardine may have come from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia where they were once found in abundance. There are 21 types of fish which could be considered a type of sardine. Norway, Spain, Portugal, and France are the leading producers of canned sardines. Besides sardines as food their oil is used in manufacturing paint, varnish and linoleum.

International Day of the Bible

November 24th

More than 200 nations in the world observe International Day of the Bible. The day is commemorated by taking a silent moment at noon in your location to read from the scripture or to join in singing sacred songs within your congregation.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Scott Joplin – King of Ragtime – born in Texarkana, Texas

Dale Carnegie – writer/lecturer – born in Maryville, Missouri


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