National Seashell Day / International Yoga Day

National Seashell Day

June 21

Mollusks use calcium carbonate and proteins, secreted from their mantles to build their shells. As a mollusk grows, so does its exoskeleton. Seashells can be plain and smooth (think clamshells) or come adorned with spikes and ridges and protrusions. Both shapes serve a purpose. Elaborate shells come from the tropics, where predation is fierce. Sleeker mollusks, meanwhile, can use their streamlined shape to move without detection and to get away quickly. A shell’s shape can also keep the mollusk from sinking in sand and mud, or to keep them anchored in it. There are nearly 1,000 species of hermit crab existing today, which rely on old seashells from dead mollusks to protect their soft abdomens.

International Yoga Day

June 21

According to, Yoga is over 5,000 years old. The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit language and literally means ‘union’. 36 million people in the US regularly practice yoga. Americans practicing yoga has grown by over 50% in the last four years. 72% of yoga practitioners are women. Male yoga practitioners are known as ‘yogis’, female practitioners are known as ‘yoginis’. In 2016 there were over 52,000 registered yoga teachers.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Prince William – 2nd in line to British throne – 37 – born in London, England

Chris Pratt– Actor – 40 – born in Virginia, Minnesota


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