National Sesame Street Day / Marine Corps Was Established

National Sesame Street Day

November 10

This special day devoted to Sesame Street was established in 2009 to commemorate the show’s 40th anniversary. The show is watched in more than 120 countries throughout the world. Did you know that Big Bird is 8’2” or that Oscar the Grouch was orange for the first 2 years until he was changed to green? Or, in 2004 the Cookie Monster said that before he ate cookies his name was Sid? If you would like to find out 8 ways to celebrate Sesame Street Day, click here.

Marine Corps Was Established

November 10, 1775

On this day, 244 years ago, the Marine Corp was founded when the Second Continental Congress determined two battalions needed to serve with the Continental Navy to act as landing forces. It became a separate branch of the service in 1789. The Corps now has more than 186,000 active duty members and 38,500 reserves.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Martin Luther – Theologian – born in Eisleben, Germany

Richard Burton – Actor – born in Geneva, Switzerland


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