National Typing Day / National Eat At A Food Truck Day

National Typing Day

June 23

Some interesting facts about typing are: The first commercially successful typewriter was patented by Sholes, Glidden and Soule 150 years ago in 1868. Sholes and Glidden also designed the first QWERTY keyboard in 1873. The world record for typing the English alphabet from A to Z is 1.36 seconds. Every second, spacebars on keyboards around the world are hit about six million times. The only country whose name can be typed on one row of a keyboard is Peru. The only US state is Alaska. On average, a trained typist’s left hand does 56 per cent of the typing. While the average typing speed is around 38-40 Words Per Minute, the world record for the fastest typing speed is held by Stella Pajunas who struck a whopping 216 WPM (Words per minute) on an IBM Electric typewriter!

National Eat at a Food Truck Day

June 23

According to the Foodie website, the food truck industry is now $2 billion-plus in estimated revenue in cities across the U.S. Compared to 2014, the industry’s overall revenue has grown 300% in the last three years. Food truck growth is even outpacing overall commercial foodservice, such as restaurants, at a growth of 5.4 percent versus 4.3 percent. Many restaurants, however, are jumping on the mobile trend, establishing their own satellite food truck restaurants with limited, more casual, or fun menu items. Startup costs for creating your own restaurant on wheels averages from $50,000 to $60,000. Less than $100,000 can kickstart a food truck that makes $250,000 to $500,000 per year. Most likely consumers to purchase a meal from a food truck are aged 18 to 34, followed by 54 percent of diners aged between 35 and 44 years old.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Clarence Thomas – Supreme Court Judge – 71 – born in Pin Point, Georgia

Wilma Rudolph – Olympic Track Gold Medalist – passed at age 54 – born in Saint Bethlehem, Tennessee


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