National Whiners Day / National Candy Cane Day

National Whiners Day

December 26

National Whiners Day was not only created to have one day a year when you can moan about the downers you experienced in the past year, but also to appreciate all the good reasons you have been blessed. It’s a great day to have family and friends gather to play a game of naming the most notable whiners in the public’s eye and then toast to all the good things that have happened to all of you.

National Candy Cane Day

December 26

Most historians believe candy canes were first experienced in 1670 when the choirmaster at a German cathedral handed them out to his younger singers to keep them quiet during long ceremonies until it was their time to sing. Candy canes have no fat or cholesterol. The largest cane of all time was 51 feet long and contained 900 pounds of sugar. According to the National Confectioners Association, about 1.2 billion candy canes are made annually, and 90 percent of those are sold between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Chris Daughtry – Singer – 39 – born in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

Steve Allen – Talk Show Host – passed at age 78 – born in New York City, New York


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