New Year Motivation!


One of my resolutions this year is to provide you great content. Resolutions and goals for most intents and purposes interchangeable terms. The critical point is that both require action and probably more than one action, which means a plan. That’s perhaps the point where most New Year’s resolutions fail.

Most New Year resolutions and most goals are intended to improve our lives. To improve our lives we must do something, well actually one of four things.

(1) We can do more of something; Something of more significant benefit and reward for us.
(2) We can do less of something. We can deliberately decide to reduce doing what is disadvantageous to us or what we desire to accomplish.
(3) We can start doing something. We can start doing things we haven’t before. We can learn new skills, make new choices, begin new activities, or change the entire focus of our work or personal life.
(4) We can stop doing something altogether. We can evaluate our lives and discontinue activities and behaviors inconsistent with what we want and where we want to go.


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