Night Tree

This is a beautifully written story about a family that has a special mission every Christmas Eve. They “drive through the Christmas streets to where the dark and quiet begin.” It’s called Luke’s Forest, but it’s really just a forgotten place where the town ends. It’s where their tree is, and they visit it on the night before Christmas every year.The family works for weeks making popcorn chains and balls of sunflower seeds to hang on the tree for the birds. They also bring shelled nuts, breadcrumbs and pieces of apple for the little creatures who can’t climb the tree.

After they decorate the tree, they sit on a blanket, drink hot chocolate and sing carols. The stars twinkle through the branches of their tree, and the moon shines down from the top. All is calm and all is bright!

Night Tree was written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Ted Rand. I do hope you get a chance to enjoy this book with your children or grandchildren!


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