Awake: Nostalgia and the Next Generation

What would your answer be if someone asked you what your favorite childhood toy was? Favorite music album? Artist? I think many today would be too busy to remember the last time they really thought about those things. I am hoping to spark those memories. And reawaken that inner child grasping those cherished childhood memories.

No matter what era you grew up in there is always pop culture and media that provide eye catching wonders that turn into lifelong interests. I personally have gravitated to and latched onto many things across decades worth of pop culture; vinyl, cassettes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the list goes on and on. I love classic things – vintage media most. This allows me to relate to the past generations. I have had many conversations with people about vinyl, or VHS tapes or anything of that sort. Most are fascinated with how much I know and how much I enjoy that culture. 

My favorites of the things I mentioned above might not yet be considered ultra classic, but at one point or another they will be. Consider this – all the classic things I love I was first introduced to by my parents or aunts and uncles. Passing that on might be what I look forward to the most, sharing my love of the already classic media and the things I enjoy of the current day and age with my kids, grandkids, or even nieces and nephews. That is why I can still at least have an open mind about the things I do not like about today’s media. Sometimes things are not appreciated in their own time.

Old toys and records will turn into older toys and CDs that will turn into whatever the next generation has. It makes me stop and think more openly about my generation’s media. It is important to see what we want to preserve for the next. So, I encourage those passing on to my generation to consider what you want to share. What are some favorite things from your childhood?


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