National Jukebox Day / National Pie In The Face Day

National Jukebox Day

November 27th

The first coin-operated jukebox was introduced in 1889 in San Francisco where its inventors, Louis Glass and partner William Arnold, were managers of the Pacific Phonograph Co.  The original name was the nickel-in-the-slot, but it later came to be known as a jukebox because it was playing in places called “juke houses” or “jook joints” where people went for alcoholic beverages in the early 1900s.  They hit their heydays in the 1960 when plastic records allowed the machines to feature many different songs.






National Pie in the Face Day

November 27

According to, “The “pie in the face” gag has its roots in slapstick comedy. It was first seen at the end of the 1909 silent film Mr. Flip. Simple pie in the face routines in film eventually turned into extensive pie fights. For example, Laurel and Hardy’s The Battle of the Century was filmed using 3,000 pies. The largest pie fight in film history was in The Great Race in 1965, where 4,000 pies were used.”

Today’s Birthdays of Note….

Bruce Lee – Martial Arts and Actor – born in San Francisco

Bill Nye – The Science Guy – born in Washington, D.C.


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